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Are you applying for disability benefits? Did you get injured at work and your injury is preventing you from returning to work? Did you get injured in a car accident? We have a tool for you to support your claim for disability benefits.

What is Functional Capacity Evaluation/Functional Assessment

It is an evaluation tool used to determine if a person is capable of doing a job after injury, re-assessment of a client entering a job force after injury or medical condition. It is usually used to support a patient’s claim for disability benefits. Your primary care physician prescribes a script for the evaluation. Functional Capacity Evaluation is done by a Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator. Functional Assessment report is furnished upon completion and is submitted to your primary care physician. Functional Assessment report supports the disability claim when applying for disability benefits or insurance claim after injury caused by a car accident or Workers’ Compensation Insurance claim after a work related injury that impedes individual’s capacity to perform job responsibilities.

Who can perform Functional Capacity Evaluations

Only Certified Functional Capacity Evaluators can complete full assessment that meets standard valid objective outcomes. Deb Windell in our facility has been Functional Capacity Evaluator since 2005.

Cost of this Assessment

Assessment’s cost ranges from $900.00 to $1,500.00 depending on the case and is reimbursed by your Auto Insurance, Workers’ Comp Insurance or you can cover the expense by private pay. You need to have authorization prior having the assessment done. Usually you can ask your lawyer to request a written approval for payment from the insurance company. We can help with obtaining the written approval as well.

Physical Performance Test

Physical Performance Test is another tool available for functional capacity evaluation. Physical Performance Test requires a script from your primary physician, but does not require special authorization from insurance company. Physical Performance Test is performed by our ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Evan Cozart, and takes up to 2 hours to complete. Cost of $175.00 is paid by private pay and must be paid at time of service.


The least advanced option to perform functional capacity assessment is the questionnaire that we can complete for you with health and physical questions and some demonstrations on how you/patient can lift, stand, walk, bend, etc. Cost of this questionnaire is $125.00 and is covered by private pay paid at time of service. No special authorization is required, only a script from primary care physician.