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Goal of the program:

Aquatic Supervised Wellness Program (Aquatic Therapy) is designed to reduce joint pain, manage arthritis and improve quality of life.

Who is this program for:

  • patients dealing with arthritis
  • patients dealing with obesity
  • patients dealing with balance disturbances
  • patients dealing with low endurance
  • patients with inability to tolerate land based sessions

Program allows you to work closely with a fitness team while under the guidance of your physician. Physician authorization is required for scheduling patient for this program. Program is facilitated by Occupational Therapist Deb Windell and Certified Personal Trainer – Evan Cozart.

What will you get:

Each client will receive a health assessment, screening and measurements from the fitness specialist prior to starting and upon the completion of the program. This pre- and post intake assessment information is shared with your primary care physician.

We will constantly check, monitor and track your blood pressure, glucose, and heart rate using ACSM protocols and American Heart Association guidelines while participating in this program.

Length of the program:

Our aquatic supervised wellness program consists of 8 weeks program – 2 times weekly for 30 minutes.

Healthy Joints:

  • Joint protective exercises
  • Balance & Core Work
  • Water resistance training
  • Follow the ACSM Guidelines
  • Certified group and fitness instructors
  • Shallow & Deep Water Movements

Weight Loss:

  • Decrease joint pain & stiffness
  • Improved physical functioning
  • Increased muscle strength to do activities
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Self of accomplishment and well-being
  • Weight Control
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Decreased disease activity