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Lakeside is fortunate to have Grand Master Ray Johnson, a highly accomplished and experienced 9th degree black belt professor, offering a mixed martial arts class for all ages to learn martial arts and exercise! Students can earn belts as they learn discipline and build self-confidence. Sifu Johnson has many years of experience teaching students at all levels and ages. If you are interested in furthering your martial arts training for personal or competitive purposes Sifu Johnson is an excellent choice. Draw on his extensive knowledge and experience in competitive martial arts to improve your personal technique.

Martial Arts Program Options:

  • 3 introductory Sessions – Beginners Martial Arts and Basic Self Defense Techniques Training. $15 for 3 classes total ($5.00 per class)
  • 3 Month Martial Arts Membership – Receive 1st Certificate of Training (Orange Belt)
  • 6 Month Martial Arts Membership -Receive 2nd Certificate of Training (Purple Belt)
  • 1 Year Martial Arts Membership – Earn and receive belts (up to Blue Belt or Green Belt, depending on accomplishments)
  • Saturday Fit Club Martial Arts classes – partnering with Spectrum Health Fit Club, Lakeside offers Martial Arts class every Saturday at noon free of charge for children aged 5-12. Saturday class is running for the entire school year of 2020/2021, including school winter and spring break. There is no better opportunity for your child to try Martial Arts classes!
  • Competitive Martial Arts Training – per invitation from the Instructor

Other Options:

  • Buddy Program Sign-up Available – take advantage of discounted Martial Arts membership rate if you sign up for Martial Arts with a friend. Each of you will pay your own bill, attend classes at your own convenience, but receive discounted rate! Inquire at Family Fitness at 231-873-3566. 


Ray Johnson Martial Arts Instructor

Grand Master Ray Johnson – Martial Arts Instructor

9th Degree Black Belt holder and Professor of WunHopKuenDo Kung-Fu and Self Defense, certificate of Ohana holder.

1966-1967 Okinawa Karate 5th degree instructor and open competitions in Illinois
1970-1971 Kenpo Karate 2nd degree Black Belt Instructor
1971-1972- Kajukenbo Instructor
1972- WunHopKuenDo Kung-Fu Instructor and held contact point karate open competitions until 2007. Placed 3rd in master advanced fighting

2019 – Raymond Johnson was awarded a Grand Master title for his lifelong achievements and Martial Arts training. Grand Master title is considered the highest honor in Martial Arts. Congratulations Ray!

Ray demonstrating a high flying kick!

Ray works with children and adults, teaches group and individual Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Karate Mixed Martial Arts, self defense, rape prevention, and prepares competition teams. He has been employed at Family Fitness since 2013 as a Mixed Martial Arts Instructor.

Self Defense Training

Martial Arts training has many benefits like:

  • Physical muscle stretching and strengthening
  • Physical balance and coordination workout
  • Mental training for improved focus
  • Mental confidence and piece of mind
  • Social as martial arts is generally practiced in groups a strong bond is developed among students and professors.
  • Safety martial arts is essential for self defense at any age
  • Competitive there are many ways to compete in the world of martial arts

If you have been considering martial arts classes, join Grand Master Ray Johnson at our state of the art facility today!

Watch a video on Ray showing high kick:

Watch a video on practicing with Escrima Sticks:

Contact us at (231) 873-3566 or Lakeside Family Fitness at 39 S State Street for more information.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mondays 4:30pm, Wednesdays 4:30pm; Saturdays 12pmMore DetailsFewer Details

Choose our instructor, Grand Master Ray Johnson to teach you or your child of any age and level!

Sifu Ray tailors instructions based on the skill level of every student. Our class is a mix of Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Karate. Students of all ages learn basic kicks, jumps and self defense moves and earn belts as they progress in their learning.
There is a “Intro Pack of 3-classes” available if you are new to Martial Arts classes at Lakeside. First 3 classes are $15 total ($5.00 each). After the initial Intro Pack, you can purchase membership, or pay for each class individually.
Please stop by at Lakeside Family Fitness at your convenience and try out the class. When coming for the 1st time, please allow 10 minutes for registration. You can drop in on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday at above mentioned class times – whenever convenient. If you have any questions, please call Lakeside Family Fitness at 231-873-3566. Ray Johnson will look forward to see you soon!