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Beth Physcial Therapy Assistant Lakeisde Rehab Hart Michigan

Beth Eisenlor, PTA 

Our Incontinence Treatment Specialist:

Physical Therapy Assistant with over 30 years
of experience. She trained in pelvic floor
strengthening through Janet A Hulme, MA,
PT programs, who teaches extensively and
has published several books related to
incontinence, women health issues and
fibromyalgia. Beth has approximately 10
years of experience in using biofeedback
for pelvic floor strengthening.

We Go Beyond Kegel Exercises…

Lakeside Rehabilitation’s incontinence program uses biofeedback
to improve teaching methods of basic Kegel exercises. Through
an internal sensor and a handheld device using LED indicators
that will display the strength of a muscle contraction, our patient
can observe and learn. Enabling patient to fully contract the
pelvic floor muscles efficiently for strength gains has always been
the downfall of previous Kegel program interventions. Our
biofeedback assisted program solves this issue.

What does a typical incontinence treatment session
consist of?

Evaluation by our therapist to assess muscle integrity, volitional
control, strength and endurance. Treatment sessions typically last
6-8 weeks, depending on compliance and/or initial weakness
level of clients. Discharge is done once some positive changes
are seen, if not a significant reduction in overall number of
incontinence episodes.

Program Cost:
Most insurances cover our treatment program, however patients
must purchase the sensors “out of pocket” (One time price of
$40.00 or less).

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