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Introducing the first in our area:

Illness and Prevention & Wellness Lifestyles Center

Lakeside understands the rising cost of health care and the immediate need to promote a healthier task force. We strive to help in medical management, identified risk and elevated bio-markers.  This new concept provides a collaborative approach between the physician, along with trained professionals and coaches within a “Supervised Medical Model”. Supervised Wellness program offers clients valuable tools to help manage their health and improve their quality of life, as well as exercise, nutrition, counseling and stress management to become and stay healthy.  Promoting awareness and introduction to exercise becomes easier with a team support.

Lakeside offers a team driven program that promotes healthy lifestyle changes in you.  It allows you to work closely with a fitness team while under the guidance of you physician.  Our team is here to motivate you and help restore your level of healthiness while gently guiding you through the process.

Each client will receive a health assessment, screening and measurements from the fitness specialist prior to starting and upon completion of the program.  This pre and post intake assessment information is shared with your primary care physician.

We will constantly check, monitor and track your blood pressure, glucose, and heart rate using ACSM protocols and American Heart Association guidelines. We also use integrative methods such as massage, yoga, tai chi and Pilates.

Choose between two programs Land Program or Aquatic Program

General Health Track: Designed for those with acute setbacks. This population needs to focus on establishing healthy Bio-Markers and assurance to help them quality for credit on health care premium reduction, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, smoking sensation and reduction of elevated blood pressure

Aquatic Track: Sessions lead by an instructor in an Aquatic environment- taught in a warm water pool- 25×30′ with a 4′ walking lanes and 6′ foot- deep well. *This program is designed for those that require weight-bearing, unloading and joint protection exercises during low to moderate intensity workouts.

Arthritic (Aquatic/ Land): Track Osteoporosis and Healthy joints
This program is designed to help decrease Obesity/Balance Disturbances and low endurance.
Also includes: Unlimited access to gym /Pool exercise classes *Spacious heated 89 degree pool

Pain Track: helps clients deal with chronic pain and symptoms thru use of group strengthening, flexibility and endurance programs geared for all ages and disabilities and at any stage of illness.

Pre-Surgical Track: Is suitable for joint replacements, weight loss and de-conditioned clients. Is designed for both land or Aquatic based.

Diabetes Track: Designed to help in development of an exercise program that helps with reduction of insulin use *regulation of blood sugars, caloric intake and diet changes, with development of a program that is safe.

Weight Management Track: Designed for bariatric care patient or general Obesity clients, who our either pre or post-surgical and at high risk and need to be monitored, but not limited to: elevated LDL/HDL/Insulin, Blood Pressure, heart issues and any other condition that is causing lack of weight loss and/or readiness for surgery procedure.

Specialized programs
Heart Healthy-stage 3&4 and Pulmonary Disease-A fitness program that is designed to help reduce and manage symptoms of Heart Disease, Diabetes, lung conditions and factors that lead to unhealthy life style with positive physical and behavioral changes.

Cancer-Gentle self-paced program in a 1:1 session or small group setting.
When medically stable and upon receiving a signed medical release, most cancer recovery patients are transitioned to this specialized class