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Winter Wellness

Winter With Children

Winter Wellness is a great time to renew relationships and enjoy time with our children. While it might sound like a good idea jIMG_1045us to stay inside and snuggled under a blanket reading a book it can also be a great time to get out and exercises with our children. Now that we finally have some snow I have been going out on the cross country ski trails with my two young girls enjoying the hills and the challenges that come with winter activities.
Recently we visited Ludington state park for a little snow shoeing. Shoe shoeing is an activity that we as a family had never tried, though we own 2 pairs. The Ludington State Park has snow shoes that at certain times that they loan out for free so we took the girls for an adventure. The girls took to snow shoeing like naturals. It was a wonderful family event, laughing, throwing a few snowballs and learning how to climb a hill in snow shoes. Burning off energy and calories is always fun but it doesn’t always have to be an outdoor activity.
Playing and splashing in the water is a great way for us to burn a few calories and bond with our children. This is one of our favorite cold winter activities. We take the girls to Lakeside Rehab in Hart for a warm dip in the pool. Lakeside’s Pool is 89 degrees and they have a hot tub! It is such a luxury to walk into a pool without have to get used to it. We are able to stay in the water, exercising, disguised as playing for an hour in half without getting cold. After playing we utilize their locker Rooms and get ready to take on our next adventure……naps. Letting the kids play for a while I find that they rarely make it an hour before they are asking if they can take a nap. Nap time is a time that many parents get to burn a few calories. Personally though I think it is a great time to rest, read my book or inside of my eye lids whichever comes first.
Another fun activity that we do as a family is Fundamental Fitness offered at Lakeside Family Fitness. This class definitely burns the calories. It is amazing to watch what our children are able to do in the gym while we are struggling with the same move. Fundamental Fitness is a class that works every part of your body and focuses on different muscle groups, cardio and general fitness. This is a class that my kids love and actually want to go to. This is a great time to be a family, together getting out of the house away from the electronics and all the details of maintaining a home. Keeping track of our actives is a fun way to keep our families moving.
Winter Wellness 2016 is a fun program to keep track of all your activities and earn prizes at the end of 6 weeks. LCR has partnered with Michigan DNR, Mercy Health Lakeshore Campus, Hart Main Street, Affinia Health Network, Spectrum Health and Golden Sands Golf Course & Bucket Bar to encourage everyone to become more active and to get healthier. This program provides personal fitness challenges for fun winter activities with the prize incentives. Any activates we can do as a family and burn some calories will not only make us a healthier person but also our children. My hope is everyone will get out and be more active. The program for Winter Wellness can be downloaded at The packet list many fun winter family activities, happening in our area. One such activity is the 1 Mile Fun Run happening Saturday, February 6, 2016. Hope to see your family soon out having fun and burning a few calories disguised as fun.