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Thank you for taking care of me!

We would like to share a letter from one of our patients:


Dear Lakeside Rehab,


Thank you for being in my life as I slowly walk through this hopefully temporary issue/ journey of mine.  I gotta start with Danni and Carol, great people but they are suppose to be – NO! be they are human – but despite all of us too the two of them – they are great. Understanding, helpful the initial evaluation wasn’t scary like I thought. My therapist was very pleasant and calm, thank you for that.

So then comes Fran which by the was she is amazing at what she went to school for. Very cordial and professional and also a happy person, which so helps. Pool therapy was a different experience for me. Never knowing all the things one can do in a lot of water truly amazed me. The entire concept I had anxiety every time I went into the pool all that pool all that water magnified every time I went in. But, overall it was an experience to be sure.

I also had Michelle and another very pleasant woman.  They both understood my pain & the ability to work through my exercises and or know the difference as to whether stretching was just as important as necessary in order to push forward.

So your facility is liked by so many people with all kinds of health problems. My therapy is on hold pending a visit to a surgeon. Then I get to come back and I look forward to it!

Thank you for taking car of me.

Sincerely Grateful,